Marigan, aims to conduct business in a socially responsible, ethical and transparent manner, with the desire to have a positive effect on our employees, our diverse and talented workforce, and the communities in which we operate. We are guided by our code of business conduct and maintain a strong focus on mitigating risks to our operations.

Marigan policy is to provide competitive, safe and innovative engineering solutions in the most productive, lawful, ethical and socially responsible manner.

  • Marigan is committed to occupational health and safety of personnel, protection of the environment and customer satisfaction which are of paramount importance to business performance.
  • Marigan endeavours to achieve excellence in business by establishing occupational health, safety, environment and quality management systems.
  • Continuously require knowledge and improve working environment
  • Adhere to safe practices to avoid accidents, injuries and illness.
  • Minimise wastage and contribute towards environmental protection
  • Provide training, supervision and support to upgrade the employer skills.